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Where Does the Best Coffee
in the World Come from?

There are two ways to consider the best coffee and 'where does it come from scenario'. The first relates to your own particular preference and the specific taste that leaves you feeling as though you just arrived in heaven. The second involves the type of bean and where it is grown in relation to overall coffee quality.

A lot of variables can impact both of these scenarios too, so a definitive answer really comes down to a little insider knowledge and your individual preference. Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Indonesia and Ethiopia are all recognized as the best quality coffees in their own right so choosing one over the others comes down to any criteria you choose to apply.

The Beans

Arabica beans and Robusta beans are the two types used, but Arabica beans are considered the best, regardless of where in the world they are grown. Robusta beans are grown in low altitudes and Arabica beans grow in high altitudes and are generally thought to have a better flavor, as well as a broader range of flavors. High altitude beans are very hard and this is thought to influence the flavor of the coffee, as well as the longer maturation time required. Robusta beans have a ready market in supermarket coffees but we have already decided not to go there. So to start with, Arabica beans grown at high altitude make the best coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee

This coffee is often considered the to be the best coffee because it is the birthplace of coffee and has a unique flavor. Coffees from Yergacheffe and Harrar are considered exotic with Yergacheffe coffee having floral and tangerine undertones and Harrar have a distinct blueberry jam and cocoa flavor. Depending on the soil, there is sometimes cinnamon and cardamom in there as well.

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Indonesian Coffee

Known for their low acidity, Indonesian coffees are full-flavored with an earthy undertone. Java coffee is a little more acidic than Sumatran.

Brazilian Coffee

Most Brazilian coffee is produced for the supermarket market and coffee quality is sacrificed to quantity and commercial interests, however there are a few excellent quality Brazilian coffees available but they can be difficult to find.

Colombian Coffee

Like Brazilian coffee, Columbian is not the best in the world, however the quality is higher than Brazilian and is known as a milder coffee, if you prefer a less full bodied brew. Again, like Brazilian coffee, it is possible to find high quality Columbian coffee, but difficult.

Cuban Coffee

Cuba does not produce much coffee for export but does produce process and export the processed (as in roasted and ground) coffee. Cuban coffee refers mostly to the espresso drink made with demera sugar. It is very strong, dark and has a syrupy taste.

So the best coffee is either Ethiopian or Indonesian, grown from Arabica beans and after that, it comes down to your individual flavor preference. Costa Rica  Guatemala and Puerto Rico also produce very high quality coffees, slow grown at high altitude from Arabica beans and are considered to be the world's best coffee. They are on equal par with Ethiopian and Indonesian coffees and coffee houses specialize in sourcing the best of these, blending and roasting to achieve the flavors, textures and aromas that show off the best in quality coffees.


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